Coaching Party
Yellowstone Park
Acmegraph divided back postcard

  Above is an early Acmegraph postcard showing a 6-horse coaching party leaving the Northern Pacific train station in Gardiner, just outside of Yellowstone's northern entrance. The roof of the station can be seen on the left; in the center and to the right are the tops of a passenger car and steam locomotive. In the 1904 account below, one tourist describes the experience:

Tallyhos, with six horses attached, were already in waiting to take our entire party to Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, which was to be the end of the first day's ride. Grips and suit cases were rushed out and loaded in the boot behind and strapped on. If the coach agent could have had his own way the passengers would also have had to be strapped on. He always seemed to think there was room for one more on each seat....The road is a fine one, having been built at Uncle Sam's expense and kept well watered by the same individual. At times the grade was pretty steep, but six horses made light of it.
    From  Library of Congress American Memory Collection:  Pilgrimage of Mary Commandery No. 36, Knights Templar of Pennsylvania.