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Some feel that the stately ionic columns and other neoclassical touches of the
1904-1905 remodeling make Lake Hotel seem out of place in a natural setting such as
Yellowstone. But others think it is a gleaming jewel by the lake.
Tourists in 1905 would
have recognized most of this exterior view of the hotel, though the
wheelchair-accessible ramp is a modern-day improvement. The classic yellow and
white exterior color has been present at the hotel since its early renovation by Reamer.

The interior of the hotel has gone through many iterations over the years, and has in fact
been renovated since the interior photos below were taken, but there is always the effort
to maintain the stately charm and elegance of this grand hotel.
Lake Hotel is Yellowstone's oldest surviving hotel, built in 1891. Once a plain,
boxed-shape building, this "railroad hotel" was transformed into a beautiful colonial-style
luxury hotel during the first of a series of renovations started in 1904-1905 by Robert
Reamer, the architect better known for designing the Old Faithful Inn.

(above) The view toward Lake Yellowstone from a small
informal snack area just off of the lobby.

(left and above) The protruding sun room, was added by architect
Robert Reamer during later renovations in 1928.
The  view and
casual atmosphere of this magnificent room just off of the Lake
Hotel lobby is perhaps one of Yellowstone Park's lesser known
pleasures. To the right of the above photo is a grand piano which is
used daily during the season for the entertainment of guests. A
cocktail bar is nearby, as is the stately Lake Hotel dining room
(below). Many Yellowstone regulars are convinced the food served
here is the best in the park. Dining guests are treated to
spectacular views of Lake Yellowstone and menu items slightly
more elegant than those found in most of Yellowstone's eating
Lake Yellowstone Hotel Photo Page

The postcard view above shows how little has changed to
the exterior of the Lake Hotel
over the years.

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