Entrance to Yellowstone National Park
Gardiner, Mont.
Divided-back postcard
by Scheuber Drug Co., Livingston

Back of card reads:

Entrance to Yellowstone National Park. This great lava Arch marks the official entrance, and was erected at a cost of $10,000.  situated at Gardiner, Mont.

Yellowstone's Gateway Arch, or Roosevelt Arch, as it is sometimes called, was built in 1903 at the park's northern boundary, just a year after the Northern Pacific Railway had extended its line to reach Gardiner.  The arch was designed by Robert Reamer, architect of the Old Faithful Inn as well as other park structures. One of the  primary engineers of Yellowstone's road systems,  Major H. M. Chittenden, Army Corps of Engineers, supervised construction of the Arch.  In remarks made at the cornerstone dedication on April 24, 1903 before a crowd of about 3,000 people, President Theodore Roosevelt said: "The scheme of Yellowstone preservation is noteworthy in its essential democracy. This park was created and is now administered for the benefit and enjoyment of the people."  His words are engraved for all to see along the top of the Gateway Arch.