Electric Peak, Yellowstone Park

At 10,992 feet, Electric Peak  is Yellowstone's 6th tallest peak, and is located 7 miles to the northwest of Mammoth Hot Springs. On July 26, 1872 a small group of men from the Hayden survey party climbed the peak. As a thunder shower approached, Henry Gannett, carrying surveying instruments,  became a human lightning rod, as he later described in this passage:

About fifty feet below the summit, the electric current began to pass through my body. At first I felt nothing, but heard a crackling noise, similar to a rapid discharge of sparks from a friction machine. Immediately after, I began to feel a tingling or pricking sensation in my head and the end of my fingers, which, as well as the noise, increased rapidly, until, when I reached the top, the noise . . . was deafening, and my hair stood completely on end, while the tingling, pricking sensation was absolutely painful.
quoted from W. Blevins, Roadside History of Yellowstone Park

In honor of that incident, the mountain was given the name Electric Peak.

                                                                                                    (Haynes postcard)