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THESE black and white photographs were taken with various cameras, including a small Brownie camera. The prints
were several different sizes, and quality of images varied from print to print. The photos shown here were not all kept
together over the years, and some were only recently found during a move
"Cathedral Spires from Needles Highway,
Custer State Park, Black Hills, S.
This view is identified as "A Pinnacle near
Hair Pin Curve   Needles Highway, Custer
State Park, Black Hills, S. Dak.--1935".
Rev. Markley is shown photographing the
The location of this tunnel was not
identified, but it is thought to be in the
Black Hills of South Dakota. Shown from
left to right are Rev. Markley, Charles
Ellery, Mrs. (Jessie) Ellery, Gertrude
Markley, and Franklin G. Markley, Jr.
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"Summer White House occupied [in the
1920s] by late Pres. Calvin Coolidge,
Black Hills. S. Dakota."
   Some believe the incident mentioned
above was behind Coolidge's sudden
decision, made while staying here, not to
seek reelection. The President made his
surprising announcement without
consulting his wife or advisors.
   The Game Lodge at the time of this
photo was open to the public for meals
and rooms. Meals are still served here
"Grace Coolidge Creek, Black Hills,
S. Dak." named after the President's wife
who, after being lost in the nearby woods
with a handsome young secret service
man, became the subject of considerable
gossip, though any impropriety was never
   Here on the bridge are Charles (left)
and Franklin, Jr. (right).
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