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Yellowstone photos on these pages are from the Markley Collection, Yellowstone National Park
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A Trip West, 1935    (Page 3 of 7)
In 1935 there were a total of 317,998 visitors to Yellowstone National Park, about a tenth of today's current annual
attendance.  In July 1999 alone 317,337 visitors entered just the West Entrance of Yellowstone.
Written on the back of this photo: "Moose
along Cody Road before entering
Yellowstone National Park".
Though difficult to see in the original
photograph, a large black bear stands atop
a fenced-in garbage container, while a
smaller cub is at the bottom right of the
fenced area. The Ellerys and Markleys
lodged in Fishing Bridge "canvas and
frame cabins" during their stay at
This photograph is labeled "Tunnel near
Shoshone Dam on Cody Road". The
concrete dam, located 6 miles west of
Cody, Wyoming, was constructed in
1905-1910, and was at the time the tallest
dam in the world. In 1946 its name was
changed to the Buffalo Bill Dam. A
massive 7-year project, begun in the
mid-1980s, raised the height of the dam by
25 feet.
Shown here are Franklin G. Markley, Jr.
as a youngster of nine (facing camera)
and Charles Ellery (to his right, also facing
camera) at Fishing Bridge. All of the other
people are unidentified. Both of the boys
bought fishing poles for the occasion in
Cody. Unfortunately, Charles accidentally
dropped his pole off the bridge into the
river and never was able to recover it.
The wooden structure shown, built in
1919, was replaced in 1936-1937 by the
two-lane bridge that is still in use today.
On the back of this photo is the
description: "Yellowstone Canyon from
Artist's Point in Yellowstone National
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