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Rev. Franklin G. Markley
Served 50 years as a
Methodist minister in cities
throughout Ohio
b. 1885   d. 1964
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A Trip West, 1935    (Page 6 of 7)
On December 8, 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt signed a proclamation establishing Petrified Forest National
Monument. It became a National Park on December 9, 1962.
This photo is labeled  "'The Wee Kirk
O'The Heather' Forest Lawn Memorial
Park Los Angeles [Glendale], California,
1935."  This chapel would gain worldwide
attention 2 years later, in June 1937, as the
site of 26-year-old actress Jean Harlow's
funeral.  In 1940 the wedding of Ronald
Reagan and Jane Wyman was held in this
 At left are Mrs. Markley with an
inidentified escort, possibly Rev. Mills.
On the back of this photo is the
description "A petrified tree in the National
Petrified Forest near Holbrook,
Arizona--August, 1935." To the left and
right are Gertrude and Franklin G.
In Los Angeles, the Markleys enjoyed a
visit with their friends Evarett Mills and his
wife Alice. Reverend Mills (shown here
with Franklin G. Markley, Jr.) was an
evangelist who lived in Los Angeles and
spent much of the year traveling with his
wife to churches and youth groups
throughout the country. It was on one of
these visits to Ohio that he met and
became friends with the Markleys.
Though he lived in cities most of his life,
Rev. Markley grew up on a farm and
found some common ground with these
men in New Mexico. He wrote on the
back of the picture: "This shows Mr.
Albert Roybel R.F.D. #1, Box 19-B,
Santa Fe, New Mexico doing his
thrashing of wheat. This was about 20
miles toward Taos, N.M."
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The exact location of this photograph of
Native American children is not know.
This picture was taken with a small
Brownie camera.
their story . . .
Franklin G. Markley, Jr.
Lifetime Ohio resident;
married 68 years to his wife  
b. 1926  d. 2014
Gertrude Markley
Born Gertrude Ethel
Wagoner; married Rev. F.G.
Markley in 1906
b. 1889   d. 1963