Yellowstone - July 1941    page 2
Sponge Geyser  -- Seen on Hike Taken in Basin adjoining
                         Old Faithful Grounds              July 29 - 1941
Ranger Lecturing by Turbine [Turban] Geyser on grounds of
 Geyser Basin At Old Faithful Inn                     July 29 - 1941
Bear on side of motorist's car
          (seen just after leaving Old Faithful)     July 29 - 1941
Bear and Cub along roadside
enroute to Grand Canyon [of the Yellowstone]   July 29 - 1941
Yellowstone Lake  - Group being lectured
Anita in foreground      (elevation - 7731 ft.)        July 30 - 1941
As war approached, an increasing
shortage of quality leather prompted a
change in the park ranger's uniform. In
1940 breeches and boots were
replaced with trousers and shoes--a
change which was not fully
accomplished until 1947.

[Note: this was mistakenly labeled in the
photo album as "Turbine Geyser'; it is
actually "Turban Geyser"]
(All photos on these pages from the collection of F.Markley, and may not be reproduced without consent.)
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On July 23, 1941, one week before
this photo was taken, Major J.T. Flock,
35, drowned at West Thumb Bay after
the rowboat he and a companion
were in was overturned during a
severe storm. Flock held onto the boat
in frigid water for about 3-1/2 hours
before drowning. His body was never
recovered. His 28-yr-old companion,
also a military officer,  was rescued
after  6 hours.
At the time of this visit, the Yellowstone fish
hatchery was run by the U.S. Department of
the Interior Fish & Wildlife Service, and was
located near Lake Hotel. Black-spotted trout
were propagated here for restocking park
lakes and streams. By 1958 operation of
the fish hatchery had been discontinued