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At Grizzly Bear Feeding Grounds near Canyon Hotel
 (White Specs are Gulls)                  7:30PM     July 30 - 1941
For much of Yellowstone's history,
garbage from park hotels was
regularly fed to bears in front of seated
audiences like this one. In the 1930s,
research of Adolph Murie and others
pointed to the benefits of
noninterference with Yellowstone's
ecological system. According to
Aubrey Haines, the public spectacle of
feeding hotel garbage to bears at
Canyon was discontinued in 1941, the
same year this photograph was taken.
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   By Canyon Hotel
                              July 30 - 1941
  Bear on Side of Road     After
Leaving Canyon Hotel      July 31 - 1941
  Anita and Elmer Butler  
At Mammoth Hot Springs         July 31 - 1941
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  Tower Fall      (132 ft. drop)
(North of Grand Canyon Hotel)    July 31 - 1941
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Bear on Road Near West Yellowstone Entrance - On Return
                                                                 July 31 - 1941
(All photos on these pages from the collection of F.Markley, and may not be reproduced without consent.)
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