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All photographs on this and the following pages (c) Frank Markley
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After sunset the Inn takes on a new beauty. The cool evening air brings
guests and visitors indoors to enjoy the warmth of the lobby. Over the
years the corner area on the bottom floor near the large windows has
served various functions including a seating area, an area for showing
special exhibits, and, as at the time of this photograph, an
artist's work
(above and right) As evening progresses, crowds thin and a more
relaxed atmosphere fills the lobby. Eventually the cracking of the fire,
hushed talking, laughter of a handful of people, and occasional
creaking of the front entrance doors with clanking metal latches may
be the only sounds in this now peaceful setting.
(above and right) This stairway is part of the original 1904 "Old House"
section of the Inn. The fire sprinkler system that runs along the ceiling in
this photo was recessed during the extensive renovations of the 2000s.
(above) 1905 Detroit Publishing postcard view of the stairway
pictured at left and below.
(collection of F. Markley)
(left) The main entrance at night offers a warm welcome to
travel weary visitors.