(left and above) In the 1990s the rooms of the east
and west wings of the Inn were renovated with a
more contemporary Mission Style treatment. This
sunny hallway connects the east wing to the Old
House section of the Inn.
Old Faithful Inn Photo Pages
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All photographs on this and the following pages (c) Frank Markley
(left) View of Old Faithful from the portico of the Old
Faithful Inn.         
(right) Interdenominational worship services are conducted on
Sunday mornings on the portico of the Old Faithful Inn.        
(right) An exterior view of the same connecting hallway as shown
above. The original "Old House" section on the right connects
here to the 1913 east wing extension on the left.       
(left and below) Although rumors of ghost citings in the Inn's 1927-1928 west wing
might not be accepted by all, its eccentric, gothic-like exterior may play some part in
keeping those stories alive. Robert Reamer, the original architect of the Old Faithful
Inn, also designed both the west and east wing additions.  
(left) A view toward west wing guest rooms as seen from the enclosed observation deck
atop the "carriage entrance" in the front of the Old Faithful Inn. Immediately below this
deck, a park bus pulls up to the main entrance.  
(left) The Inn stretches to the right of Old Faithful
geyser, while the new Old Faithful Visitor Center is
shown under construction in this 2009 photo, its
temporarily white roof visible immediately to the left of
Old Faithful.
(right and below) A Model T car convention passed through the
park for a few days in September 2009, stopping briefly at the Inn
to line up for a group photo.