(c) Paco Young - Image used with permission
Old Faithful Inn Photo Pages
page 8
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All photographs on this and the following pages (c) Frank Markley
Flag Raising at Dawn - Old Faithful Inn
(above) From an area near the "tree house" at the top
of the lobby's interior, a door opens onto the back
sloping roof of the Inn, and these steps continue to
the top of the Inn, also known as the "widow's walk."
The American flag is raised first on the
northeast flagpole, as seen above with Old
Faithful in the background.
After the American flag, the flags of the states
that comprise Yellowstone Park, Wyoming,
Montana, and Idaho, are raised next.
John, the head of the bell staff, is seen raising
a state flag on the southwest flagpole.
Photo (c) Frank Markley
(left and below)  These two photos show the Old Faithful Inn dining room
as seen from the balcony that opens from off the second level of the lobby.
In the early years a small orchestra sat on this balcony and played music
as guests dined below. The room seen behind both sides of the chimney
is the 1922 dining room addition.
(above) On the great stone fireplace of the Inn dining room hangs
an original oil painting titled "Old Faithful" by artist
Ray "Paco"
Young (1958-2005).
(above) Located near the back of the large stone chimney is the
rear entrance to the lobby of the Old Faithful Inn (seen at left from
the exterior).
(above) View of Old Faithful Geyser as seen from the platform at the base of the
steps leading up to the "widow's walk."
(above) Looking from the widow's walk down on the dormer
windows and front portico of the Inn.
(left) Minutes after the flag raising, this view from ground level
was taken as the morning sky brightens. The American and
state flags are on the four corner flagpoles, while the center four
flagpoles are currently used for red and blue pennants.
(right) Photo of the Old Faithful Inn ca 1910 showing original flag
display. The US flag is in the right foreground.
 (photo from the collection of Frank Markley)