Old Faithful Inn Photo Pages
page 7
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All photographs on this and the following pages (c) Frank Markley
(left) The Old Faithful Inn tinted by the golden glow
of sunset.
(right) At the corner of the stone fireplace rests the large
popcorn popper, especially designed for the Old Faithful Inn.
(above) A line forms for dinner at the Old Faithful Inn dining room.
Reservations are usually necessary, and may be obtained well in advance
or, if available, on the day of your visit.

(left) Stairway leading from the registration desk are to the upper levels of the
(right) It is easy to become immersed in the rustic charms of the Old Faithful
Inn. Even those who are not guests can enjoy strolling the log-lined hallways
or relaxing in a chair while listening to evening piano music in the Inn's large,
open lobby.
(above) Looking toward the front entrance of the Inn
(left) Seating area in the front lobby, beside the registraction/activities desk..